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Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a Little Peek from my Painting Room

Well it's been quite a while since my last post. Easter has come and gone, and for me the busyness of life just rolls on and on, with plenty to keep me busy, but not necessarily in the way I would like to be busy. There are never enough hours in my days to do all the things I would love to be doing.

But nevertheless I have managed to almost complete a new painting on a vintage bowling bag. A new design of mine of 3 lovely girl teds. So I couldn't resist giving you a little preview of it, direct from my painting room.

Just click on the image if you would like a closer view.
The bears are a new style for me, with their lovely furry faces and pretty vintage dresses.

Of course I have some finishing touches to be done yet. There are sprays of pink roses to be painted at the back and sides of the bag, and then the final coats of protective varnish.

The bag is in good condition inside, with plenty of room for storage, so would be a very useful item for the bear collector/maker or just anyone who loves these pretty bears.

I'll be listing it for sale on my ebay soon, so will keep you posted.

Do hope you like it, as much as I've enjoyed painting it.