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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hello there fellow bloggers
Has it been that long since I last posted?
Time has really slipped away on me this time
Why does life seem to get busier
as we get older?
Is it because we go slower at things
than we used to?
Or is it just rubbing off from the 
way others live their lives
cramming things in to fill every waking moment,
making us feel we have to keep up, or
risk being labelled as uninteresting
and having no life

Well without becoming too philosophical
and trying to analyse it all
I really think it doesn't matter
just how busy or unbusy you are
The main point is whether you're happy
with your lot in life and making the
best of it as you can for the time
you have left on this wonderful planet

What I'm really here for is to share my
productive day with you
Which started with me emptying out all
my fabrics onto the kitchen table

This I haven't done for quite some time
So I was very excited to find
lots of fabric pieces I'd forgotten I had
and would be ideal for making
a bag or pouch
which I'm currently favouring doing
at present in my little craft room

But today I wanted to make a 
new bag for my card making class
I go to on a Friday
I bought a pattern from here
I love Michelle's patterns
they come with great instructions
and tips and the end result
is always pleasing

This particular bag is called
a grocery bag, but I think it
has many uses, being a very
roomy and practical design

So here is the end result!
Perfect for holding all my
craft supplies in
Didn't take too long to whip up
So I'm happy I now have a lovely
bag to take along to my craft group

I decided to add a few pockets
Which is a little different from the pattern.

Hope all is well with you and yours
in your part of the world
and thank you for stopping by
my blog.