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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Latest Creation

This is one of my new bags I'm making. I couldn't show you before as I made this one for my daughter's birthday and had to wait until she'd opened her parcel first, before I showed it on my blog.

 It's a small bag with a shoulder strap and pocket inside.

It's just big enough to hold your phone, keys, cards and some cash and maybe a few other small items.

I was really pleased with the way it turned out.

I've more of these in the pipeline and they should be available by mid-November.

I'm taking a break from my Etsy and blogging for a while, but will be back soon with new projects and ideas to share.
Until then, stay safe and well xxx Robyn

Monday, October 11, 2010

KC Willis

"I believe art can change people's lives. It is through the work of an artist's hands that hope and joy is spread to the hearts of those who stand in front of it and whisper under their breath..."Cool." by KC Willis  -    at

I love this quote by KC Willis. She is a true artist in her own right. 

Click on the link above to read all about her ideas for her future art teaching.

I feel so grateful I was able to join her online Collage Camp and can visit there regularly for more ideas and inspiration. I'd recommend it to all interested in learning something new.
Here is the link for the Collage Camp  Hope I may have inspired you to have a go at something, not only truly different and unique, but very simple to learn!! 
Have a lovely evening xx Robyn 

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today being the 10/10/2010  the second week-end of the start of our Daylight Saving, was a different type of Sunday to the one we might expect this time of the year,the beginning of our spring

Some people headed off to the city for the brekkie on the  Sydney Harbour Bridge

Was a shame it was raining...
...and some chose today to tie the knot...

Compared to this our day was very simple...

Not having anything special planned hubby and I thought it would be nice to get out for a walk and some sunshine and fresh air, as you would expect this time of year
We woke to dark clouds and pouring rain, and cold, so decided we probably would just hang around home and potter for the day
But within an hour or so the wind picked up and the clouds blew away, so we ventured out and found a new local market that we hadn't been to before
Of course I couldn't resist buying a few treasures to put in my craft collection.
I found 2 lovely plates, one a limited edition bear painting to add to my collection and a small Royal Albert Rose plate that I really liked
Also this beautiful white doily, that I've lots of ideas for

Then we went for our walk and by this time the sunshine was in full swing and the jackets we had on in the morning had to be shed, really hot now

 We had a pleasant time and came across this family of ducks, such peaceful little creatures, they seemed very tame and let us get up close to them, I guess they hoped we had food for them....
... Now back home for lunch and an afternoon nap...
 The sun is going down the clouds are returning... 
Oh no, it's pouring again!!
How lucky were we to get out for that sunshine and fresh air today!
What did you get up to today?
Happy 10/10/2010 , hope your day was special!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday Wishes to a Wonderful Daughter!!

Can't believe that 26 years ago today
our beautiful girl was born
how fast the years fly past
We miss you lots
but know you must continue
with your travel/work adventures
Happy Birthday Katharine
 Have a Wonderful Day!!

Sending lots of love and hugs from home xxxooo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bearbits Giveaway!

Please pop over to Gingers' blog Bearbits by clicking on my button on the right.

She is having a giveaway of the sweetest little bear named Jillana.

Hope I'm the lucky one!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Back again!

Hi everyone. It's seems so long since my last post. My life has been running in lots of different directions. Taking on my new exercise sessions at the gym (3 sessions a week) has all been a bit overwhelming for a basically non exercise person like me. But I've found a really good trainer who specialises in people like me, with health issues, and has started me on a gentle strength training program, which will gradually increase over time.

Being one who usually finds it difficult to stick with exercising, as I'd rather be sitting crafting, I'm really determined this time to stick with this. I've survived my breast cancer, (5 years this year - yey!!), so I'm not going to let this osteoporosis thingy beat me, I'm determined that with diet, vitamins and exercise to get on top of it!

 But with the busyness of adapting to the new routine I haven't had time to put into my painting and crafting, also my painting table was a complete mess. Absolutely covered with no space to work - not good for motivation or inspiration!

Also I've started on some new little purses that I'm happy with and have supplies for this from one end of the house to the other.   Sooo have spent the last couple of days sorting out my craft room and painting table. Today the table is much clearer, so now I have space to work. So just have to sort all my laces, doilies, buttons, trims and fabrics now into lots of storage boxes that I bought today at the reject shop.

But I think I need to get back into some painting again, I find it very relaxing and enjoy the freedom of creating with the brushstrokes.   
                      Then I could paint something like this .....                                                                        
                                                              .....or something like this

These are just a few photos of some of my past works..sold on ebay...... things I really enjoyed painting and was pleased with the result...

....hope the inspiration and motivation will return soon....

 Wishing you all a wonderful and hopefully creative week-end,  ......Robyn.