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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some thoughts worth pondering

Many of us whose lives have been changed through having to face or live with serious or chronic illness, are often forced into a tough reality check and a new assessment of how we are living and what our priorities really are. 

For many of us this is reason enough to give up forever what wears us down emotionally or physically. Better still, it's a reason to do much more of whatever will most effectively lift our spirits.

My own personal experience of going through this, some years ago now, taught me to do much less of the things that I "ought" to be doing and far more of what I enjoy and find pleasureable to me. It's funny really how it can take something like this to happen in your life to "give you permission" to be kinder to last!!

The same rule applies to people. Spending time with people who overwhelm or upset us will send our spirits plummeting. Crucual to taking better care of ourselves is to spend as much time as possible with people who are good to be around.

Most importantly we need to learn gently and in so many different ways how to be good to ourselves. 
As we find increasing ways to choose wisely and well on our own behalf, we might discover how easy it is to say an unapologetic "no" to things we don't want to do. We might also find a quiet delight in saying an enthusuastic "yes" to anything we have been putting off because we thought we wouldn't do it well enough, or that we had no time for it, or because we believed that other people's needs and wants should always come first.

Becoming our own advocate or best friend doesn't turn us into a selfish monster. My observation is that the opposite is true. It makes us far easier to be around.

So take that time out for you today, whether it be a treat for yourself, or doing that special something you've always wanted to do. You deserve it!!! 
Have a happy week!!
Robyn xx

Taken from the writings of Stephanie Dowrick with some of my own thoughts added.


  1. what a wonderful post! I have been trying to do this recently myself...toxic people can do a lot on our health!

  2. I totally agree with everything you say here Robyn. Why do some people think it is selfish to look after yourself first sometimes. How can we help others if we are not at our best? Physically and mentally!

    Oh yes, very wise words here today!
    xo Catherine

  3. You have wonderful blog!
    I’ve just made a blog with free vintage images that you can use in your beautiful works if you want to :-) Cheers!

  4. Hi Robyn,

    thank you for sharing this lovely post.
    We all need to hear things like this and you have said it so well.
    Hope that you are having a lovely week



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