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Friday, May 11, 2012

Patchwork, stitching, bag & teacup!

Hi everyone, have been away from my blogging for a while. Have been rather unwell with a nasty tummy bug that has taken longer than I would have liked to clear up. In the midst of all this it was my 60th Birthday, which I was hoping would be a pleasant celebration. 
Unfortunately, what we had planned had to be cancelled. 
So turning 60 wasn't quite what I expected.
Anyway that's life I guess
And I have lots to be grateful for
I received some wonderful gifts
to make me feel very spoilt
So I thought I'd do a "show and tell"
My dear Mum, God love her, made me this
beautiful mug rug with 3D flower attached
She stitched the whole thing by hand
as she no longer has room, where she lives 
for her sewing machine
I found the pattern for the mug rug 
here when I saw it I loved  it and thought
it would be a project Mum would
like to make, not thinking she would
make it for my Birthday.
No, I really didn't ....Lol!!
She also made me this 
beautiful bag, I just love
the fabrics and colours
she's used. This she also stitched 
completely by hand, including
the two zips at the top.
I guess one of the advantages
of being 86 and living in a retirement
home where everything is done for you
gives you lots of free time.
Mum is one of the lucky ones
she still loves and is able to manage
needlework, knitting and
most things crafty.
I'm sure it keeps her brain ticking!

My sister, made for me
these two beautiful quilts
with delightful stitcheries 
in the centre
I love the colours she used
and all the trouble
she went to to create these
pieces of art for me
She also gave me this beautiful
Royal Albert cup and saucer
with a sweet little matching
tea bag holder 
It is very beautiful and
has prompted me to begin
collecting beautiful teacups.
I was spoilt even more
by my DH and DD
so even though there
was that "grey cloud"
hanging over my special Day
I'm grateful to have had
so much pleasure sent my way.
Am on the mend now
having lots of chicken soup
and plenty of rest
Next post I'll show you
what I've been creating
Have a lovely week-end


1 comment:

  1. Dear Robyn,

    Happy birthday and so sorry you were unwell with the flu and glad to hear you are on the mend.
    I love the beautiful work you Mother made for you, the gorgeous mug rug and bag are wonderful and the Royal Albert cup and saucer so pretty.

    Best wishes


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