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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Creating

"Creation of something out of nothing
is the most primitive of human passions
and the most optimistic"
(Christina Stead, 1902-1983)

I've been enjoying the the time
spent indoors, during our cold winter
and have been just happy creating
I've been enjoying working with
fabric and vintage images,
vintage laces, doileys
and buttons
most of which are antique,
sometimes grubby, but if not
I'm happy to age them in a bath
of tea or coffee
I love the characteristic 'simplistic'
or tattered look
this type of art conveys
reverting to a time
when life was simpler
and the finished
piece can look as though
it was made generations earlier
The above are just a couple of photos
of my past art
will have new items coming soon
hope your week-end is enjoyable
wherever you may be

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