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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy De Cluttering for Ebay

Have been busy this week
decided to part with some items
that I think I can live without
and offer them for sale
on my Ebay
Sometimes less is more
isn't it?
I painted this country key cupboard
some years ago now
even though it's always been a favourite 
I've decided it can go to a new home
and I can have a change of decor

 I also purchased these vintage tables
a short while ago
which I re-furbished with
a shabby makeover
but have now decided
I really don't have enough room for them
even though I really like them
especially the way the legs curve
so they're on ebay for sale
now also

 I have some vintage linens
a couple of table cloths also
like this lovely
embroidered one
in lovely soft
Sorry these have all now been sold

So pop over to my ebay and take a peek
you may find something you like
Just click on my ebay
button in my sidebar

Sorry I haven't had many creations
for you to buy for a while
Hopefully I'll have more time and
inspiration again soon
Have a lovely evening

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