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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello there!

Sorry I'll be away from my blogging for a few more days. I've had my dear Mum staying with us. We've had lots of fun, chatting, eating, lots of cake and teas and cappuchinos, more chatting and eating!! Oh dear will have to cut back again when she leaves. Lol!!

Not to mention shopping trips and making lots of purchases of those things you just have to have, even if you don't need it straight away, but might be useful one day.

 Scouring through all my craft books and mags. and getting ideas of the future projects we will make.

Catching up on watching dvds in the evening. Last night watched Mao's Last Dancer, just a wonderful movie! 
 Tonight we are going to watch Last Chance Harvey with Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson.

She's here to stay for one more day, then we will take her back to her retirement hostel, hopefully refreshed after her break away with us. So then I'll be back to my creative projects once again. See you soon Robyn! 


  1. Glad you're enjoying the time, am sure you've eaten and bought a lot... ha ha...! Your blog is looking great, I love the tutorial. Maybe I will try it out for myself and make the apple muffins on the same day... all at once...!

  2. Have fun. My mum is visiting this weekend Must be the time for it lol

  3. Hi: How precious, enjoy your visit with your Mother. You are a blessed lady. Martha

  4. Hi Robyn,

    It was lovely to discover your beautiful blog and thank you for visiting mine.
    I think I may have seen your gorgeous work on suitcases, bears that I may have seen in Australian Bear Creations.
    Look forward to visiting your blog again.

    Happy week


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