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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a Little Peek from my Painting Room

I've just finished painting on this old leather bag. I like the way the soft brown of the leather complements the old style of bears I've painted.

Just some final tweaking and I like to leave my painting 24 hours drying at least before I hand varnish.

I've had a productive day today, have part finished a vintage collar box and a vintage jewellery box, all for ebay.

Better get back to it now.

Have a lovely evening, Robyn.


  1. That's cute! You are so so talented. Your blog always puts me into a crafting mood ~ I am hoping to get down to my craft room this weekend and get some cards made.

    Hope you have a terrific weekend Robyn!
    xo Catherine

  2. Hi Robyn,
    oh yes, very cute indeed.
    Is this bag leather or vinyl and what sort of varnish will you use?

  3. Hi everyone, thanks for your lovely comments on the bag.
    Hi Anna, yes the bag is leather, I just varnish it with a good quality water based satin varnish that you can buy from your art supplier or hardware store. Just a tip though, be careful if you're painting on new leather as often it needs to be sealed before painting on, as some of the dyes in the leather can spoil the finished painting when you put varnish over it. Have a great day, hugs Robyn.


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