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Friday, June 11, 2010

My Teddy Quote for the Week!

"An experienced Teddy Bear brings with him a lifetime of knowledge and experience; the wisdom of silence and stillness in moments of great turmoil. The long-suffering patience that is learned when belonging to a child who is coming of age, and coping with the bewilderment that this period of time can bring, is what he does best. The experienced bear has seen life through the heart and eyes of a child grown to adulthood and perhaps even accompanied that adult all the way to the end of the road."    Ted Menton from "The Teddy Bear Lovers Catalogue"

Old photo from Renae at


 I'm delighted to say that my 2 bears and all of my "Busy Bee" boxes are now sold. Thankyou so much!
More new items coming soon. Have a lovely week-end! 

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  1. Congratulations on selling all of your beautiful items! I look forward to what other lovely creations you make. I made it down to my craft room the other day ~ it's been so long ~ but oh the joy of sitting and creating. Very good for the soul. Making teddy bears must be extra good for lifting the spirits! :)

    Have the loveliest weekend Robyn!
    xo Catherine


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