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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camera Still not working - so did some home baking!

My camera still isn't working so looks like I'll have to buy a new one. Really don't like having to put time into hunting around for new camera when I could be doing other more creative and interesting things.

I did manage to take some pics though of some baking I did before the camera packed it in. Baking is another of my passions and I always like to have things on hand in the freezer for when they're needed.

I love baking scones, all that rubbing in of butter and flour and kneading of dough is therapeutic for me ( not to mention eating them too !! Tee Hee!!) Even though I love the process of making them, that doesn't mean they always turn out right. With me, they are always a bit of a lucky dip.

But this time they turned out just perfect!!     Sultana Scones!! Mmmmm!

Bring on the Jam & Cream!! Will start diet next week!! Lol!!


  1. Mmmm...I wish I had some of these yummy looking scones with a little jam right now ~ I'm hungry! :)

    Too bad you have to buy a new camera. Good luck shopping!

  2. These look delicious... can you send some to London? I miss your cooking! I don't think my scones would work quite as well if I attempted them... xx


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