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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Morning at the Beach

We've had such a hot humid summer here this year, so this morning my hubby and I took time out and headed off to our favourite beach to cool off. It was such a beautiful day and we felt so fortunate to live just a short drive away from this beautiful beach. The water was so refreshing and we returned home feeling relaxed and much, much cooler! And no sorry that isn't me with the surfboard!! If only Lol!!!


  1. Indeed look at all your sunshine and sand! Could you not put some in a little bottle and send it on over to Saskatchewan for me? It is snowing again this morning here. :(

    What is your winter like in beautiful Australia and when does it start?

    I guess I will say "keep cool" rather then "keep warm"! :)

  2. Hi Catherine, where i live our winter usually is in full swing by June, July, so we really only have 2 months of cold weather. But it doesn't get really cold like where you are and we don't see all that beautiful snow you get. Thanks so much for your comment and enjoy that snow!!


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